Smugglers Riding School - Company Message
Meet The Team.
Smugglers Riding School would like to introduce you to our team.

Our little mascot, she is 2 years old and a minature shetland she is absolutely adorable.  She is too young to be ridden at the moment but loves having a fuss and attention.

Rosie - a 10hh pony who is the cheekiest of them all, being the smallest she is the boss and leads all the other horses astray.  She loves children and adores being fussed and groomed. She's great fun and loves jumping too, super pony for complete beginners and more experienced children alike.

Rudi - (Rudolph) Rudi is 11hh.  He adores children and loves fusses.  He rides super in the school and pops a few jumps and is super to hack, he is the perfect step up from Rosie.

Dylan - is a 12hh pony, he loves being fussed.  Being a grey pony he takes a lot of grooming to keep him clean. Dylan is a cheeky character but has the most nicest paces, he's super to jump also.

Windy - is a 12hh chestnut pony, she loves her food and is generally on a diet.  Windy is a super pony and great fun.

Bubbles - is a 10hh grey pony, she is great fun and quite adorable.  She is new to the stables and is settling to the job very well.

Buddy - is a 11hh lover chestnut pony and is Minnie's brother, he is also super cool and fun.

Dai - is a 12hh grey pony, Dia is very new to ridden work, but settling to the job very well :) he will shortly be joining the riding team.

Tigga - is a 12.2 red and white pony.  He is adorable very well mannered, placid and very lovable.  He is a dream to ride and is a yard favourite.

Mickey - is a 13hh coloured gelding, he is proving to be quite popular.  He is a sweet pony who tries really hard.  He works super in the school, out hacking and pops a sweet jump too.

Tom - a 13.2hh piebald pony who does everything, he's been there done that and bought the t-shirt.  Tom is used for beginners and more experienced riders, he has competed in dressage, showjumping and cross country. 

Billy - is a 13.3hh piebald gelding, he is a super pony who has taken well to working in the school he pops a super jump both show jumps and xc jumps.  He loves hacking and has been hunting.  He has proven to be sensible and honest.

Fred - a 14hh piebald, he has settled in really well.  Fred is an absolute dream, he's very placid and can be a real plod along, he enjoys the slower pace of life if you let him but has a super jump also :) He loves being groomed and fussed.

Lucky - is a 14hh coloured gelding, he is a sweet character and loves working in the school and hacking.

- is a 14.1 coloured mare, she is a lovely character and is great fun to ride.  She is mainly white and therefor hard to keep clean :) 

Bwkka - is a 14.2hh coloured gelding, he is a sweet character and has settled in extremely well.  He rides very well both in the school and hacking and pops a lovely jump.

Phoebe - is a 15hh coloured mare, she is very laid back and chilled.  Shes a lovely placid ride.

Stan - is a 15hh coloured gelding, he is super sweet and loves cuddles, he works lovely in the school and over jumps and is super to hack too.  Another yard favourite.

Bramble - is a 15.1hh super grey mare.  She is working superbly in the school on the flat and over show jumps.  She hacks out very well and has also hunted too.  She is becoming a yard favorite and has settled well, being great fun.

Luke - is a 15.1hh roan grey gelding, Luke is very new to ridden work and has taken to it like a duck to water.  He is a super sweet irish draught.  He work lovely in the school and out hacking he also pops a sweet jump.

Snowy - A 15.3hh Grey mare who has been with us for a year now, shes has made lots of news on our 'whats news' page, she is a mum to a wicked little boy 'Olly' who you can see at the yard.  She has a sweet nature and loves to please, she's very level headed.

Jessie - a 16.1hh grey mare who is for the more experienced rider specialising in Dressage and Showjumping however she is also suitable for adult beginners, she regularly competes in dressage, show jumping and cross country.
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