Smugglers Riding School - Company Message
Price List:
It is with much regret that I have to inform you that there will be a price increase from the 1st January 2016 of all our current charges.
This is due to ever rising costs of feed and maintenance of the horses and school.  I have limited this as much as possible. 
You’re probably aware this has been our only increase since we opened three years ago.
I hope you will all understand and continue to support us.
As of January 1st 2016 prices are as follows:

* Half hour private lesson                 £15

* Half hour group lesson                   £10
* 45 minute private lesson                £23
* 45 minute group lesson                  £15
* 1hr group lesson                             £17.50
* Hack                                               £25 (45 mins beginner)
                                                          £35 (1.5 hours)
* Pony/Activity Day                          £30

* Saddle Club                                   £20

* Private Lessons (On own horse)   £25.00 + traveling

* Under 5's (Introductory Day)     £15.00

We at Smugglers Equestrian have a range of services to suit everyone.
Please don't hesitate to contact us for a specific query.
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