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Terms & Conditions.
Riding Attire
If you do not have the full riding attire please see below for suitable clothing and footwear.

Riding hats are available at Smugglers Riding School to use. 

Riding hats and equipment are available to purchase also at Smugglers Equestrian Tack Shop.

Please ensure that your riding hat conforms to the current safety standards (PAS 015,BSEN 1384, BSEN 1997, ASTM F1163) and The British Kitemark.
Acceptable Attire:
  • Leggings, tracksuit bottoms, full length comfortable trousers (avoid jeans), boots / shoes with small 1/2 inch heel and smooth sole. Wellies are acceptable as long as they have a 1/2 Inch heel. All weather clothing may be required i.e. raincoat
  • Body protectors are advisable but are not compulsory
Unacceptable Attire:
  • Vest tops (shoulders must be covered), shorts, 3/4 length trousers (legs must be covered), dresses and skirts
Unacceptable Footwear:
  • Flip-flops, sandals, open toe shoes, heels higher than 1 inch or no heel at all i.e. pumps, avoid trainers (unless they have a small heel and a smooth sole)
We advise you wear minimal jewellery (any jewellery worn will be done so at your own risk).
Riding lessons continue in all weather conditions (at our discretion). Suitable clothing must be brought and worn as necessary. No Umbrellas Allowed.
Although safety measures are put into force at Smugglers Riding School prior to the beginning of any activities, horse-riding is rated as a high-risk sport, and due to this fact we will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained whilst riding at this establishment.

On Arrival all Riders/Visitors must report to Reception situated at the indoor stables.  No unauthorised individuals are to approach horses (unless supervised and authorised by a member of staff). No Running, Shouting, Climbing allowed.
Parents / Guardians / Care Assistants
Participants MUST be supervised at all times. Assistance may be required when participants are riding, we cannot guarantee lead rein assistance. Please ensure suitable footwear and attire is worn. Riders with special requirements may require further assistance.

To ensure safe and interactive sessions, enabling us to provide the optimum care required for each individual rider, the team here at Smugglers Riding School will provide the guidance, instruction and basic training to those who are unfamiliar with the assistance procedure we require.
We accept card payments, cheques and cash.  
Additional Information
Smugglers Riding School reserves the right to change any instructor or horse / pony where necessary. Please note that ponies and instructors may be requested but not booked, as it is not possible to guarantee their availability, even though we do our utmost to accommodate your individual needs by providing continuity and consistency.

Please Note, lesson time includes mounting and dismounting.
Cancellation Policy
We cannot move or transfer any bookings cancelled within 24 hours. This is due to limited places being available. We restrict our number to keep our classes small to provide better quality lessons, so to enable us to continue providing this service, please ensure you cancel any pre-booked lessons / activities (whenever possible) at your earliest convenience so we can offer the available slot to fellow riders. 

We require a cancellation policy not only to keep our classes small, but also due to an increasing number of people cancelling group / private / semi-private lessons on the day or simply not turning up to a lesson or activity that has been booked. As a business we find this unsustainable.
24 Hours Notice Must Be Given
* Upon booking you are agreeing to all of our Terms and Conditions *

We reserve the right to revise our terms and conditions at any time without notice 
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