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Therapeutic Horsemanship

Here at Smugglers Riding School we proudly announce that we now offer Therapeutic Horsemanship sessions. 

What is Therapeutic Horsemanship?
Therapeutic horsemanship boasts many benefits for adults and children with behavioural challenges, mental health problems and learning difficulties.

Working with the horses can help to improve your mental and physical wellbeing and social skills and will improve self confidence and awareness.

It’s about building trust and a partnership between horse and handler; it’s not all about riding, however this may be beneficial to some.

The sessions are 45 minutes and are tailored to your individual needs.  We cover a range of activities with the horse, our main aim to make it an enjoyable experience of building relations and trust with the horse whilst learning new skills.
Our activities include:
·         Watching horse behaviour and interaction
·         Learning how to take care of a horse, this will range from, grooming to
          feeding to mucking out
·         Understanding how horses communicate through body language and energy
·         Understanding different ways of interacting – through means of leading, long reining & free interaction
·         And occasionally riding (12st max and at our discretion)

For schools we can link horse activities to your curriculum – please call for more information

How can Theraputic Horsemanship help?
(We are NOT therapists and we do NOT offer any form of counselling or psychotherapy.)
There are many benefits, horse interaction can improve mental and physical wellbeing and will help all from every background even those who struggle to engage.

Confidence: horses open lots of doors to learn, explore and grow.  They can help you overcome obstacles and fears which contributes to a sense of achievement.  If you can engage with and control a 500kg animal – you can do anything J
Horses mimic our reactions and behaviour and therefore can help us understand our own behaviour; this gives us greater awareness and the option to explore different behaviour.

A growth in confidence = improved self awareness.
Social: horse relationship building helps us practise the required skills when building relationships with other people.  This involves trust, empathy, negotiation, compromise and boundary setting.

Many people are more willing to engage in a non-verbal relationship with a horse.
Reduces stress and helps with relaxation; horses allow us to experience non demanding physical contact.  Just being around them and stroking them helps to reduce stress levels and being in a calm peaceful environment will also help decrease anxiety.
Physical Skills; Handling horses helps to develop body awareness and co-ordination.  Helps develop balance and precision as riding and groundwork use both sides of your body and different parts simultaneously.
Activities with horses involves exercise without having to go to the gym.
Horses need caring for and looking after, their needs come first, all this will help encourage nurturing skills and self discipline.
Being with horses develops lots of new skills all whilst having fun in an enjoyable relaxed environment all this helps increase well-being.
Many skills talked about above are experienced in everyday life in all social situations such as school work relationships and by working with horses can help develop these skills.
Cost: There is a charge of £25 for each 45 minute session.
If you require any further information or would like to book a session please contact us.

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